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Ros Gilman "Moonlit Dreams": Best for reflection and relaxation.

Introducing "Moonlit Dreams" by British-German composer, music producer, conductor and musician Ros Gilman.

Ros is a British-German composer, music producer, conductor and musician, classically trained at the Vienna University of Music and the Royal College of Music in London. He holds an MA in Film Composition, a BA in Classical Composition, a Diploma in Concert Violin and a Diploma in Music Business. His work has received several awards and nominations, including the Fimucinema Award at the Fimucite Festival, the Audience Award at the British Animated Film Festival, the Film Music Award at the Garden State International Film Festival, and nominations at the International Sound and Film Music Festival, Jerry Goldsmith Awards, among others.

The composition "Moonlit Dreams" starts with soft and graceful chords, as if a gate opens in front of us, inviting us into this musical world. The piano plays the role of our guide in this journey. The melody is imbued with grace and elegance, like a beautiful lady dancing in a ballroom. Its notes are like the feathers of a swan gliding across the mirror-like surface of a lake. The music does not just sound, it tells a story, a story sublime and majestic. The composition lasts two and a half minutes, and throughout it develops, the composer introducing new accents and techniques into the melodies. "Moonlit Dreams" invites us to reflect, it enriches our inner world, makes us richer spiritually. In this music we find not only peace and tranquility, but also grandeur, elegance, but also passion. This is music that takes the best of the past and brings it to our present.

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