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Roos Meijer "Calm Me Down": An Angelic Sonic Vessel.

Music coming out of Netherlands has overtime earned itself a special place in our hearts and this recent release by Roos Meijer entitled "Calm Me Down" is a mighty fine reminder just why.

Almost entirely acapella the music wanders in gently on swinging ambient drones, soon after introducing the most delightful melody delivered by near-whispering female voice. Like a tranquility pill, it doesn't kick in with all its potency right away, making its way down to the eye of your inner storm on a glimmering vessel of beautiful harmonies. Having arrived at it's destination, that very vessel breaks out in angelic light, beaming right at and through whatever darkness is at hand - a picture that is represented in a magnificent dynamic elaboration, complete with a wide array of vocal harmonies working like an unstoppable army of light.

Brilliant, picturesque and yes - calming. Here's "Calm Me Down":


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