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Ronan Spoor "Schwarzwald": Inspired by nature.

Ronan Spoor, also known as "The Dutch Dreamer", is a dreamy pianist and soundtrack composer from the Netherlands. We bring you his new single entitled "Schwarzwald".

(Schwarzwald - "black forest" - is a mountain range in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwest modern Germany).

Inspired by nature, Ronan Spoor wrote this beautiful and powerful work. The composition, executed in the neoclassical genre, is striking in its tranquillity and grandeur. Every note is in its place and confidently pierces the silence. Over the course of two minutes, the composer continues to refine the melody, making the piece more intense and emotional. But what makes the composition unique is that it adapts to any mood and is suitable for any occasion.

A ticket to the "Black Forest":


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