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Ronan Spoor "Birth": Neoclassical piano.

We present a composition by Dutch composer-pianist Ronan Spoor entitled "Birth".

Ronan learnt early on to play the piano and read sheet music. As a child, Ronan loved to play classical pieces. He mostly played alone, but sometimes with his dedicated Czech piano teacher.

The composition is a bouquet of delicate notes and a piano from which a professional of his craft spews sound. The piano sounds very alive, with all its natural aesthetics, creaks and key sounds. Such compositions are especially valuable because they convey through sound the skill and energy of the author himself. The composition "Birth" lasts only two minutes, but we are sure that you will put it on repeat. It will be perfect for morning awakening, evening rest and will create a suitable atmosphere for relaxation. It is a real gem in the world of neoclassical music!

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