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Roman Wróblewski "My Cloud": Piano impressionism at its finest.

Roman Wróblewski, an epic Polish pianist with a equivalently epic moustache, stole our hearts with a recently released piano poem "My Cloud".

Fitting of a master, the piece is recorded in a spacious, beautifully lit room where Roman is seen pouring his soul and heart out right onto the keys of a majestic grand piano. Composed and delivered with intent, the piece may be broken down into two elements: an arpeggio driven, momentum infused left hand and a impressionist, highly elaborate improv-like right hand, effortlessly moving across an intricate scale and even crossing over to the left side of the keyboard, always in tact with the left-hand arpeggios, which - much like the spirit of the piece - remain uninterrupted throughout the entire composition.

An amazing effort by an evident master in the genre. Listen and watch up above.


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