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Roberto Andreoli "Hug Me": Guitar and piano duet.

We present to your attention the composition "Hug Me" Roberto Andreoli is a guitarist and producer.

He has worked as an assistant sound engineer and producer in the recording studio Dude, Esagono (Reggio Emilia) and currently in his home studio. In the recording studio and on stage, he has collaborated with national and international musicians and artists including: David Rhodes, Michael Urbano, Niccolo Fabi, Black Box, Carmen Consoli, Vinicio Capossela, Violante Placido, Gabin Dabire, Giovanni Amighetti (Ayub Ogada, Fred Frith), Oiku Dogan, Michele Vallisneri (JPL / Nasa) and many others. He has performed extensively with various cover bands and songwriters and is currently involved in music for commercials, soundtracks, music for theatre productions and experimental music productions.

The piano and guitar complement each other beautifully in this composition. This piece is like a story told without words. It conveys emotions and moods as if in the language of music, which each of us understands in our own way. It has a magic that can unite hearts and souls in a single dance of emotions. "Hold Me" will give a lot of emotions and aesthetic pleasure from listening.

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