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Robert Eggplant "Dissimulation": A work of art.

Art comes in many forms and while a lot of conceptual ideas are either over- or underdone, every now and then a creator comes through with an endeavor that is bright, communicable, captivating but simple too - all at once.

Such is the recent release by Robert Eggplant entitled "Dissimulation". It's an ambient track of beautiful scoops and guitar frequencies, colored by intermittent sounds of the artist's hiking trips. From footsteps, through running water and sounds of birds and onto crackling fireplaces - the listeners is given a canvas and all the tools to paint upon it. The core of this musical piece of art is no short of contemplative, woven neatly with a meditative intent that's free of ego and relies on universal beauty alone.

Enjoy this wonderful work of art at the link below:


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