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Rob Murdock "The Cottage" - a reminiscent piano piece of wholeness and resolve

Emotional and nostalgic, Rob Murdock presents a contemplative and reflective piece with “The Cottage”. This piano ballad is soothing and soft, with each note falling one after the other with gentle precision. Its bright yet resolving tone creates the feeling of wholeness and tender triumph, resembling a closure or ending. The bitter-sweet notes induce feelings of gratitude and tinges of sadness but this moving piece persists to evoke a smile in the strength of its intense beauty and immense emotion. This song exudes the emotions of recalling a place and time that hold stories and good memories in a way that is as sweet and as beautiful as the memories and feelings that come with it. Taking the idea that a physical place or time becomes a part of you through its role and impact on you, your life, and who you have become, this feeling is translated into sound that is omnipresent in this composition. This song is familiar yet comforting and interesting, allowing any listener to connect with their inner selves, reminisce, and feel like an old soul in the most graceful way.

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