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Rizik ''Willow'' - pursuing a dream

Rizik is a US based pianist/composer who after nearly a decade of putting his dreams on hold, returns to pursue his true deep purpose. His latest release ''Willow'' is a mature and perfect sonic representation of exactly that pursuit.

The running piano keys lead the listener into a musical piece that feels like a stream of running water, which are soon joined by an elegant and simple melody. The composer throws in an intricate pause not too long into the song, one which may feel like a sudden ending, but is not , and the momentum is recaptured after only a short breath and a half - a representation of his course of life and the relationship with his inner self, perhaps? After another round of pacing keys, the composition reaches another pause followed by a thematic elaboration which reeks of maturity and readiness, resolving into a gratifying, confident major chord ending.

Ambitious, well-played and true to self, enjoy ''Willow'' below:


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