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Rikard Mathisson ''La Calme'' (feat. Aleksei Kardash) - a neoclassical duet of the month

Rikard Mathisson is a Swedish pianist who has collaborated with Aleksei Kardash on cello to create the most mesmerizing, nerve-wrecking, soul-stirring neoclassical duet performance.

Mature and patient, the music invites the listener into its loving domain with the cello playing a somewhat melancholic, though not a weeping melody, all the while the piano lays calm, elongated chords, supporting the melody now and again between them. Although just over five minute long, the composition doesn't grow old on you and rather consistently picks the ear up with help dynamics and seemingly endless elaborations. Towards the end the piano steals a few seconds of spotlight, as if signifying it's importance in this musical endeavor. Both musicians have clearly mastered their instruments many times over, as well as have grown to know each other, delivering what we would be willing to call a duet of the month.

Significant, memorable but not too demanding. Do yourself a favor at the link below:


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