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Rick Gallagher Project "Rock of Ages": Elegant and realistic piano.

Introducing the track "Rock of Ages" by Rick Gallagher Project.

This is not the first time this wonderful artist has appeared on our blog!

His music is really worthy of attention. It is always conceptual, interesting and honest.

The Rick Gallagher Project is the cross-genre musical platform of Pittsburgh-based composer, pianist, producer Rick Gallagher. A career jazz pianist/teacher, Gallagher brings his creative harmonic approach, melodic vision, improvisational spirit, and subtle soulful touch to the blending of musical genres. His compositions are used in all forms of media from major television networks to film projects and many other commercial applications throughout the United States and the world. Gallagher's musical mottos are relaxing, stimulating and inspiring.

Elegant and calm melody can create mood and cosiness wherever it is played. The piano sounds beautiful and very realistic. This is very valuable in this kind of music. Along with the composition, the author gave us a part of his soul and personal experiences from the notes. We strongly recommend you to familiarise yourself with the works of Rick Gallagher Project.

Follow the link and listen to this beautiful composition "Rock of Ages":


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