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Rick Gallagher Project "Goodwill": Witnessing the birth of a neoclassical star.

Nothing rocks my neoclassical boat more than watching an artist grow. A prime example of that is an artist who goes by the name Rick Gallagher Project, who has been a regular visitor on our playlists, but who's latest release "Goodwill" inevitably advances him into the category of something I genuinely want to hear several times over and write about it too.

Written around a classical/impressionist core, the piece introduces itself with beautifully rubato-held-up bars, soon enough letting itself loose on an endlessly elaborate musical landscape which - by all means - feels almost too vast for one man to conquer. Nevertheless, the pianist maneuvers across it so effortlessly, not for one second have felt unsafe during this infinitely beautiful and filthy rich neoclassical performance, each movement as complete as a lifetime, each elaboration as necessary as your next breath and each transition as smooth as that of seasons.

What a neoclassical way to go, bravo:



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