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Rick Gallagher Project "Danse": Musical prowess and piano elegance

Rick Gallagher Project is another neoclassical name we are by now familiar with and are delighted to see returning. His recently released "Danse" reminds us of the pianist's elegant take on neoclassical composing, which we are sharing with you today.

Gentle as ever, the composition lurks in on beautifully held-back melody and accompaniment. Elaborating effortlessly on its classical/cinematic core the pianist takes us onto a theme change, one that's beautified with undertones of jazz all the while keeping the twisted waltz feel to it all. Returning elegantly to its opening theme, the composer ties this brief, charming piece together with class and musical prowess.

Picturesque, charming, easy-listening and classy too. Here's "Danse":


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