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Rick Gallagher Project "Brume": He inspires me.

This is not the first time our blog has mentioned the work of this fine musician from Pittsburgh, Rick Gallagher. His excellent sense and understanding of neoclassical and piano music is admirable, as is his new release entitled "Brume".

The work is delightful and demonstrates the composer's excellent command of neoclassical music and understanding of what the audience wants. The music exudes a beautiful atmosphere that can relax, stimulate and even inspire the listener to create something beautiful, to become part of the art.

The virtuoso piano playing is extraordinarily beautiful and sensual, each note and each pause creating a harmonious melody that perfectly conveys the emotions and moods of the composer. Rick Gallagher has managed to create such a balance between emotional power and serenity that it's the perfect piece to listen to during the day, including for those seeking relaxation and peace.

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