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Riccardo Frediani ''Attesa'' - tick, tock says the... piano

We review a good portion of Italian pianists on our blog and for a reason - because a lot of them are just good! It would almost seem that if you have an Italian name and a piano, you will end up creating something beautiful and we will hear it. Riccardo Frediani is one of those names that came to our attention with his piano composition entitled ''Attesa''.

Deliberately written on two chords, the music feels like a running clock, unstoppable and inevitable, as well as beautiful in it's essence. While the left hand unconditionally maintains the momentum, the right hand plays a simple, yet thoughtful melody over it, capable of both putting your mind at ease, as well as having you ask yourself some big questions, like - when are we?

Another great addition to our 'good because Italian' collection, check it out:


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