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REW<< "Reticulate": pure ambient elegance

REW<< is an American project by Ryan E. Weber, who's calming, crisp ambient-neoclassical track "Reticulate" is a sonic charmer to say the least.

Rolling in on crazily soothing, finely produced synth drones, the lead is soon taken by a playful, elegant piano riff. Soft, uplifting and melancholic all at once the music seems to reach deep into the existential spectrum but also cause no drama with it, as if comfortable with whatever reality may be right here and now. A short dynamic break allows you to recapture your present moment, only for you to be taken back by the swift, loving drift of this musical endeavor once more and towards it blissful ending.

Too soothing for this world and somehow still very real, here's "Reticulate":


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