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Remy Styrk "The Quietest House": Skill meets originality on an expensive string avenue.

Remy Styrk is an American neoclassical composer who won our hearts with his yesterday-released, magnificent string arrangement entitled "The Quietest House".

Finely balanced between intense and soothing, the music makes stellar use of the string instruments, allowing them to interact in the most organic and captivating of ways. The composition also features a whole array of detail, show-stopping vibratos and sweeps, harmonics and what have you - the piece is a living creature, full of intent and forward motion. The composer's understanding of dynamics deserves a praise of its own too - the way individual instruments fall in and out of the spectrum at just the right time, yet somehow still surprising the ear, speaks volumes for the musical prowess of the artist behind this magnificent endeavor.

Definitely one of the finest string arrangements in my recent memory. Enjoy:


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