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Regnør "Daybreak": The Loving-Parent Of Piano Pieces.

Regnør is a pianist/composer from UK who debuts on our blog with what I dare deem one of the most delightful piano pieces in my recent memory.

"Daybreak" is - as the headline reads - loving and patient, much like a parent or a friend who knows that listening is the key to helping your close ones. Ironically, while the piece projects exactly that energy, it is you who happens to be the the listening party. Written around a strong classical core with undertones of pop, the music is bound to appeal to a large audience - its melodic element no short of divine and its delivery pure and honest. Although rather dynamically consistent, the piece features some beautiful rubatos and microscopic changes that make the entirety of this piece ever so complete and memorable.

Listen to this absolute winner of a piano piece, here's "Daybreak":


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