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RednakS "Dialogo Interstellare": The acoustic archangel has spoken.

There's epic acoustic guitar music and then there's RednakS "Dialogo Interstellare" - a neoclassical effort that literally brought the entire office together. While we should be trying to figure out why and how did this not reach us in the two years of this track being released, we are simply too consumed by the beauty and genius of this musical endeavor. Played at the absolute highest level by a musician who looks and vibes like some kind of music-archangel, the piece reveals acoustic guitar music in a light previously unseen to us - the vast techniques used in this one-man musical gem come together into an experience so enticing and captivating, it is rather certain you will be listening to this the rest of the day, if not week.

Enjoy this absolute masterpiece from an artist we sure hope to hear from again up above.


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