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Rahikka "Elegy VIII": Healing ambient music

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Rahikka is an American project who's pure-ambient musical endeavor entitled "Elegy VIII" we are listening to today.

Mysterious and contemplative the music rolls in on finely produced synth drones complete with an elegant detail of phasing distant strings. Assuming the entirety of our existence, the creator of this piece has evidently set out to invade the listener's subconsciousness and is succeeding at it too. However, unlike most invasions, this one is not only welcome, but feels like a visit of a familiar entity too. Elaborating further with more delightful detail, the composer allows the music to gradually heal you from within, always making sure to keep the core of your being in tact.

Ideal for a brief session of meditation or just to unwind, here's "Elegy VIII":


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