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Raffael Seyfried "Loss": sadness made beautiful

Raffael Seyfried is a returning artist on our blog, who's name we recognize with excitement and delight. His recent neoclassical composition entitled "Loss" is another statement to the composers talent, purity and understanding of universal beauty.

Suggestive of the title, the music is in fact soaked in melancholy and mature, non-weeping sort of sadness. Introducing itself with only a piano, the elongated notes of the melody scream longing, while the intimate close-mic'ed recording makes it ever more intimate with the ASMR sounds of the body of the piano instrument. Then, ever so gently and gradually, strings begin to roll in with notes that will make a more sensitive eye tear up - how emotional they are. Consistent in it's dynamic, the composition flawlessly maintains the mood it has captured in the start and only takes you as deep as for you not to drown in it's justified, sad domain.

Sadness can be beautiful too, as long as it's not desperate. Here's "Loss":


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