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Project Kronos "Stardust We Are": Our childhood friend from another paradigm.

Project Kronos is a name we don't just know, we feel like we have spent out our childhoods in the same neighborhood, despite having never met in person with the artist behind the name. The elegance and simplicity of piano compositions coming out of that womb is so appealing, we can't help but to let every song in - the recently released "Stardust We Are" inclusive.

The music begins with intent, soaked in anticipation and excitement - it's arpeggio driven left hand and a pop-rooted, cinematic melody stitching the bars together in the loveliest of ways. The composer - as is tradition - goes on to elaborate on the melody, always keeping the core of the song unshaken while giving the whole composition just enough variety to make it all work, effortless in its emotional delivery.

Put your hand together to our childhood friend from another dimension. Here's "Stardust We Are":


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