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Prof. Lacasse ”Valse dramatique”: Taste, skill, and class packed in a piano ballad

Prof. Lacasse is a Canadian composer who specializes in piano compositions. He recently sent us his first submission ever, and sweet mother of god, we’re glad he did. The song is called “Valse Dramatique”, and is a heartfelt, intense, and last but not least tasteful piano ballad.

As the name of this piece suggests, “Valse Dramatique” does have a smidgen of both drama and waltz to it. In the beginning, the melodies softly dances on top of some carefully played bass notes, creating a sort of charmingly fragile atmosphere around the piece. The composer later tops it, however, by vastly intensifying the dynamics and passionately jumping into a more melodramatic phase of the composition. All of which is done with a somewhat brilliant sense of taste and style. The composer also shows great technical skill throughout this thing, taking everything is his own pace, and consistently hitting the right keys with the right sense of thoughtfulness. All in all, it seems clear to me that this composer it not new in the business. This guy is an experienced musician of style, class, and technical skill, and I’d be surprised if this were the last time, we saw him featured on this blog.


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