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Piotr Wiese ''C-Minor Things'' - heavy heart equals beautiful piano music

Piotr Wiese is a Polish composer, pianist and producer, who has recently came to our attention with his piano piece entitled ''C Minor Things''.

Much like the Swedes and their Jan Johansson, the Polish pianists have a special place in their hearts fro Frederik Chopin. The music you are about to hear takes from both masters and bonds the bouquet with it's own living, heavy heart. Simple by intention, the music is soaked in longing, recalling memories which are by now so faded, they are merely represented in the weight of the heart that's heavy, but still brave. While the composer is unapologetic about the turn of events and wears his feelings on his sleeves, he also let's the listener know - with help of a few bright tremolos - that light has not been forgotten.

One more dose of melancholy for today, dear readers, enjoy:

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