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PIANO PEARLS: Zaya Lyn, Matthew Parker Oden, Mark Sutton

Piano Pearls is a handpicked collection of the finest solo piano performances, which rise

above the many submissions that we get.

Zaya Lyn's new composition titled "Acceptance". The melody created by Zaya Lyn is subtle and deep, and the professional skill of the artist is felt in every note, making the listener's imagination run wild. "Acceptance" deserves high praise and listener attention. Recommended for your playlist!

Composition "Barre" by Matthew Parker Oden. He was born in San Diego, studied classical piano at the University of Southern California and has since worked as a freelance musician, music director, arranger and composer in Los Angeles and New York.

A sensual, moving piece of music, masterfully performed on the piano, perfect for adding to your playlist for relaxation and rest. It lasts only two minutes, but that's enough time for the composer to put so much grace and beauty into this tune to hook the listener. The harmonic transitions and turns touch us to the core and make us experience every note with Matthew.

Bournemouth-based composer Mark Sutton with his latest musical work entitled "Simplicity".

Despite the title, it's not so simple. It is a very well-crafted composition. The melody is fast-paced and assertive, but the composer is on and off, thereby playing with our emotions. "Simplicity" is a very sunny, bright composition that won't let you get bored, but will make you relax and think about "simple" things.


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