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PIANO PEARLS: Steven Poole, Martin Lucent, Hannah Schneider

Piano Pearls is a handpicked collection of the finest solo piano performances, which rise above the many submissions that we get.

Steven Poole comes to us straight from London with the composition "In Silent Circles".

The composition emphasises gracefulness, balance. The melody flows unhurriedly, keeping you calm and creating an atmosphere of serenity around you. Concentrate on peace and relaxation for these three minutes and seven seconds:

A fresh and very melodic work from Martin Lucent called "Reflective".

This is a piano composition with a delicate, subtle melody. The microphone, which stood close to the instrument, was able to capture all the live elements of the piano, all its authentic sounds, which gave this composition a special charm.

Hannah Schneider from Denmark presents her new composition called "Bølgerne".

It's a piano piece backed by an ambient background, and it all sounds great together. The melody is light and unhurried, closing your eyes you can see Hannah playing the piano with her whole body and rocking the melody, adding more and more colour to it. She and the piano are one!


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