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PIANO PEARLS: Santipreecha, Daisy Swift, Zir Bijou.

Piano Pearls is a handpicked collection of the finest solo piano performances, which rise above the many submissions that we get.

This is a reminder that the war in Ukraine has not ended. Russian terrorist state continues to strike civilians with artillery and missiles on a daily basis for five months now, resulting in deaths of thousand of innocent people, amongst them over 400 children.

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American Zir Bijou was one of the easy choices when it comes to Piano Pearls. Clearly experienced, even more so whole-hearted, this composer speaks volumes in a piano endeavor entitled "Friends to Lovers". Elegance, beauty, talent and style:

Whoever recorded this sessions needs a medal and whoever wrote it should present it to the winner - irony would be if they're both Daisy Swift. "Sentiments" is a necessary piano piece that reeks with beauty and grace in it's simple yet captivating bars. Do yourself a favor, spin it:

True art doesn't compromise and neither does "Weeds Along a Tunnel's Edge" by Santipreecha. Taking its time with a hypnotizing intro, the piece continues onto the ever more meditative piano movement. Experimental but not intrusive, the music sticks and remains, long after its playtime has ended.


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