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PIANO PEARLS: Roland Köppel, Olivia Belli, Emmanuel Songsore

Piano Pearls is a handpicked collection of the finest solo piano performances, which rise above the many submissions that we get.

Introducing the composition "Scope" by Roland Köppel.

The art of creating music from moods and turning his feelings into songs is something that Koeppel understands perfectly. The consciously studied jazz musician sometimes moves away from improvisation, giving space to the beauty of an idea that has been born. The album "Blurred Ideas", to which this track belongs, is a musical statement that one would guess would be followed by much to enjoy. He skilfully embodies his signature style both in solo pieces and in duets with world-renowned double bassist Roberto Koch. He also uses the bow in some pieces, which is a rarity in jazz. Koch has a classical and jazz background. He has succeeded beautifully in creating this neoclassical piano work by mixing classical music and jazz. The result is something interesting, which we suggest you listen to:

We present to you the work of Italian pianist and composer Olivia Belli entitled "Valadier".

Olivia Belli is known worldwide for her delicate, melodic compositions that draw inspiration from the natural world. Whether reflecting on the sun, the night sky or her favourite Italian landscape, this sensitive artist draws her creative impulses from nature, which she shares with her listeners in mesmerising, filigree compositions. We invite you to take a look at this beautiful work!Spotify link:

This is a composition "You are enough" by Emmanuel Songsor, a multi-instrumentalist and composer born in Ghana and living in Canada. His musical approach is largely improvisational. He attributes his musical development to his parents' fascination with listening to a wide variety of musical genres.

The composition lasts only a minute and fifty seconds, but it managed to surprise and delight us with its sound and the skill of the composer himself. We recommend you to familiarise yourself with the work of this wonderful composer, because Emmanuel's goal is to share instrumental piano music from the depths of his heart!


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