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PIANO PEARLS: Piotr Wiese, Yan Springett, Gianluca Piacenza.

Polish pianist Piotr Wiese certainly takes the first spot in this week's piano releases. Already rich in catalogue, this talent seems to endlessly deliver high-end elegant piano compositions, "Gone" being the most recent one. Let it fill in your silent spaces:

Yan Springett is a German composer who's "Awakening" takes the second spot on this week's Piano Pearls. Melodically brilliant and mystifying in it's mood, the music captivates the spirit and swings it in its waltz-like rhythm. Enjoy:

Gianluca Piacenza is an Italian pianist we are well acquainted with by now, who's taking the final (not last) spot in this week's Piano Pearls with his crisply melancholic "Far From You". Emotional, but not desperate, the composition is bound to move even the hardest of hearts:


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