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Sam Miller "Mariposa"

No short of elegant is the recent release by Sam Miller entitled "Mariposa". This pianist has been a fairly frequent guest on our blog/playlists and rightfully so - his creations are soaked in artistic expression, dynamics, melodic effort and pure bliss. Enjoy at the link below:

AMIMEA "Like Seagulls"

AMIMEA is another name we are thankfully familiar with, who's "Like Seagulls" is undoubtedly worthy the Piano Pearl title. A bit more melancholic that the former, but nonetheless beautiful in its essence, ready to rock your neoclassical boat at the link below:

Hideyuki Hashimoto "Mirror"

Piano Pearls is not a competition, but if it was I think the gold medal would go to Hideyuki Hashimoto's "Mirror". As subjective as music taste can be, I would dare to say that this pianist has deciphered a formula that is as universal as it can get, when it comes to relaxing piano:


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