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PIANO PEARLS: Nicholas Baskerville, Jaime del Adarve, Heikki Hallanoro.

Piano Pearls is a handpicked collection of the finest solo piano performances, which rise above the many submissions that we get.

We recommend to your attention the composition "Hiraeth" by Nicholas Baskerville.

Whilst studying composition and performance at the British Conservatoire, he discovered a penchant for writing orchestral and electronic music, seeking to convey what cannot be said in words. In 2020, after a long absence from music, I found myself writing contemplative piano music as the world came to a halt during a pandemic.

A great two-minute piano piece fit perfectly into our playlist to the delight of our audience!

This neoclassical masterpiece entitled "La Quietud" was created by composer Jaime Bermúdez Escamilla under the pseudonym Jaime del Adarve, which he took from the late poetess María del Adarve.

A music lover as well as composer and sound designer, Aimee has always been interested in what awaits him at the crossroads where music, words and images meet, and how audiences participate in this exchange.

The link to the composition is here:

Finland's only piano balladeer Heikki Hallanoro presents his composition "Soul Song No. 6" - ennobling and relaxing piano music of the highest quality! Deservedly makes it to our top:


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