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PIANO PEARLS: Maziyar Parsa, Josiah Austin, The VYB Project.

Piano Pearls is a handpicked collection of the finest solo piano performances, which rise above the many submissions that we get.

Maziyar Parsa is a composer and pianist living in Germany. Maziyar started composing for piano solo in 2016. Here we present his composition "Cannabis" from the album "Yesterday". Excellent production, professional piano sound. The melody is very intellectual and aesthetic. The duration of the composition is two minutes and thirty eight seconds. Definitely will be in demand among lovers of quality music.

Josiah Austin is an accomplished pianist and composer, conveying the beauty of deep reflections, warm memories and wistful reveries with the piano at the centre, sometimes combining orchestral and electronic elements. His music is intimate, contemplative and often melancholic.

This is a musical masterpiece entitled "A Rainy Goodbye". The author has conveyed maximum emotion and beauty through the piano notes. The composition sounds very lively and particularly appealing. You should definitely get acquainted with the work of Josiah Austin. We are sure that his compositions will become gems in your playlist.

VYB Project is Trishant Bhatt, a producer, composer and songwriter of Indian origin working in several genres.

The unusual and very enjoyable work titled "Breathe" is recorded very vividly. In the recording one not only hears the natural sound of the piano, but also the breath of the author. This style of recording conveys emotions more clearly and truthfully and shows the professionalism of the artist. We highly recommend you to listen to this composition. It is full of innovations that are sure to please you.


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