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PIANO PEARLS: Martin Lucent, Willem Claesen, REW<<

Piano Pearls is a handpicked collection of the finest solo piano performances, which rise

above the many submissions that we get.

Martin Lucent, also known as , multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer from Trippstadt, Germany, presents his new composition "Spring Walk".

A thin as a veil piano composition with a beautiful spring mood. The composition is built around the main melody, but acquires new shades and develops as the theme progresses. Martin used spring, this wonderful time of year, as a source of inspiration and energy and created this beautiful piece. A great addition to your spring playlist:

Willem Claesen and his new work "The Wind"

The introduction of the composition is very different from what the listener expects next. The main track is a gentle, playful piano with notes as fast as raindrops. At the end, the composer muted the emotion, slowing down the composition in a logical conclusion to the narrative. We vouch for this track, if it's already in our "PIANO PEARLS" selection, it's definitely worth your attention and getting on your playlist:

REW<< is the solo alias of Ryan E. Weber. He hails from the snowy western shores of Lake Michigan. A very innovative author, a true creator and a patriot of his craft. Here is his composition "Madagasikara" from the album "Nyasa Et Lilian".

The piece touches the soul from the first notes and does not let go. We had to listen to it more than once to understand what it is about this composition that attracts us. It is very versatile and diverse. The author plays with harmony and plot twists, not letting the listener get bored for a second!


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