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PIANO PEARLS: Liam MacLean, Eric Pan, Marco Apicella

This week's Piano Pearls present the finest of solo piano performances, which rise above the many submissions that we get and - most importantly - have the element to set your mind at peace.

Speaking of peace - before I continue any further, I would like to draw yours, dear reader, attention to the destructive, murderous evil unleashed by Putin on the free world. Ukraine is currently shielding the rest of the world with courage, but also - unfortunately - innocent blood. Blood of not only thousands of troops and grown civilians, but also infants - 48 children dead and over 800 injured - to be more specific. We at MDWYS, encourage you to show all and any support you can, be it monetary or informative to our war-ridden brothers and sisters. Here are some links you may find useful:

Liam MacLean "Looking Back"

Coming out of UK, Liam MacLean brings us a soul-stirring, hyper-elegant piano piece entitled "Looking Back". Melodically brilliant, the piece intersects somewhere between neoclassical, jazz and cinematic, all delivered with the lightest of hands and the purest of intent:

Eric Pan "The Undersea Carousel"

No stranger to the name, I have put Eric Pan's "The Undersea Carousel" to play with confidence at heart. This American pianist has previously proven to be well versed in universal beauty, which to me is the greatest and toughest of lessons to be learned by any creator. Rightfully so, this piece too has lived up to my expectations with its stunner of a melodic effort and a delicate, hypnotizing dynamic:

To wrap up this week's Piano Pearls, I have chosen Marco Apicella's "Alma". A more story-telling piece in comparison with the above with hints of cinematic, though every so slight and quite evidently overpowered by an uniquely detailed delivery. Melodically brilliant and reeking of experience at the instrument, this piano piece will fall right into your favorites:


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