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PIANO PEARLS: Kjell Sønksen x Astrid Sky, Akiyoshi Yasuda, Julie Hanney.

Piano Pearls is a handpicked collection of the finest solo piano performances, which rise above the many submissions that we get.

Two very talented composers, Kjell Sønksen from Germany and Astrid Sky from Canada, worked on the composition.

The gentle piano melody opens the piece with slight hesitation and tenderness. Listening to this piece makes you feel like you're not rushing anywhere. "Sands of Time" is about peace and tranquillity. The notes create a beautiful melody that softly lays on the ear and creates an incredible atmosphere of innocence. The piece gradually develops but remains smooth and tranquil. There is something slightly melancholic about the piece, creating a sense of longing. The composition balances wonder and earthiness with its centering characteristics that will touch your soul in a warm, lighthearted way:

The composition "Nobody knows" by Japanese composer Akiyoshi Yasuda. The piece has a harmonious combination of gentle keyboards, a gorgeous ambient background and the addition of strings towards the end of the piece. "Nobody knows" creates an atmosphere of intimacy and something intimate and secret. The whole composition lasts just over three minutes, but the whole drama unfolds after the second minute.

Akiyoshi Yasuda - "Nobody knows" will fit harmoniously into your playlists:

Julie Hanni, a pianist and composer who lives near the mountains in Oregon, comes to us with the incredibly beautiful composition "Birdsong" from the album "Everyday Miracles". It is the fourteenth track on the album and marks the album's finale.

It is a unique, elegant piano piece imbued with a meditative atmosphere that is impossible to resist. Light in its melody and recorded as if from afar, the music reaches into the corners of the subconscious and works its healing magic from within, penetrating the soul, the mind and ultimately the being as a whole:


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