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PIANO PEARLS: Hideyuki Hashimoto, Tormund, Matthew Thomason

Piano Pearls is a handpicked collection of the finest solo piano performances, which rise above the many submissions that we get.

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Hideyuki Hashimoto returns (at last!) with a new release to our blog and just how filled with anticipation I was pressing the play button. "Cosmos", much like any composition I've ever heard from this chill-piano guru, is a masterfully complete and flawlessly delivered piece of music that will set even the harshest of minds to a tranquil swing. This is as soothing for a casual dinner as it is for a father-daughter dance - a pure form of art.

Tormund is a British pianist who's "There And Back Again" is a familiarly pleasant, yet characteristically intricate composition that's bound to fall into your graces. Swinging elegantly on a third count, the melody captures a somewhat melancholic yet uplifting tone, one that is associated with - as the title suggests - a journey to and from a destination, be it a place or a heart. Enjoy this pearl at the link below:

One more composition from UK to wrap up this Piano Pearls edition, namely "Lea Leaving" by Matthew Thomason. Meditative and dynamically rich the peace is written with intent, one that is present in ever bar of this arpeggio-driven composition. Ending somewhat abruptly, it serves the ideal ending to the trinity. Enjoy:



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