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PIANO PEARLS: Gianluca Piacenza, Matthew Paull, In Void.

Piano Pearls is a handpicked collection of the finest solo piano performances, which rise above the many submissions that we get.

Before we enjoy some peaceful music, I would like to draw yours, dear reader, attention to the destructive, murderous evil unleashed by Putin on the free world. Ukraine is currently shielding the rest of the world with courage, but also - unfortunately - innocent blood. Blood of not only thousands of troops and grown civilians, but also infants - over 50 children dead and over 800 injured - to be more specific. We at MDWYS, encourage you to show all and any support you can, be it monetary or informative to our war-ridden brothers and sisters. Here are some links you may find useful:

No stranger to the name of Gianluca Piacenza, I pressed the play button with nothing but confidence and once again - my expectations were met. "Daydream" is a feather-light, melodically brilliant composition that will lull you into a liberating, meditative state of mind along its well-produced and crisply recorded bars.

Equally elegant and a tat more bright is "Snowdrop" by Matthew Paull, who - much like the previous talent - is revisiting our blog for a generous time. Playful but not silly or naïve, "Snowdrops" presents itself as a perfect piano snack that will safely infuse positivity into whatever path you may be on, all the while keeping your core in a loving, parent-like, check.

To end on a bit more heavy-hearted note, we invite you to listen to "Sumud" by In Void, a French pianist with a growing catalogue of work that can only be described as magnificent. "Sumud" is a somewhat cinematic - but not in the Disney way - composition with an elaborate, uncompromised dynamic and a delivery that reeks of emotion and musical prowess.


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