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PIANO PEARLS: Francesco Fusilli, Byebyefish, Peter Sandberg.

Piano Pearls is a handpicked collection of the finest solo piano performances, which rise above the many submissions that we get.

Neoclassical composition entitled "A Cloudy Day" by Italian pianist Francesco Fusilli. This is a stirring, melancholic and hopeful composition, masterfully performed on the piano, with a clear message for the listener. The message is one of hope for a better tomorrow and that there is always sunshine beyond the clouds, as the cover of the song hints at. Listen at the link:

Byebyefish, a French artist from Garsh near Paris, presents his new release "First Breaths". A very graceful, gentle, airy piano composition. The piece is very easy to listen to, gradually plunging the listener into relaxation. A great addition to your tranquil playlist:

Peter Sandberg is a Swedish neo-classical and electronic multi-instrumentalist/composer who has gained an international reputation for creating music for TV and commercials and has collected over 400 million streams worldwide. Introducing his new release "Orion III", the third installment of his recently released EP. Advised to listen if you enjoy the masters of keyboard playing. An incredibly beautiful and calming piece of work:


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