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PIANO PEARLS: André Goyvaerts, Krapenitskiy, Garreth Broke

Piano Pearls is a handpicked collection of the finest solo piano performances, which rise above the many submissions that we get.

André Goyvaerts' compositions are always deep, unusual and beautiful. We recommend to your attention the composition "Aliferous". It should be appreciated for its quality of work, legality and lightness. A real gem for your playlist!

We present to your attention the composition "Soli 2" by composer Krapenitsky. He describes his style as a fusion of cinematic electronica and existential ambient. This composition is an emotional piano piece. The melodies will make you feel a gamut of wide emotions and will fully immerse you in the world of beauty and aesthetics of neoclassical music!

The composition "Loving" belongs to composer Garreth Brooke.

Garreth Brooke has been composing music since his early teens, initially purely for pleasure, but increasingly as a way out of the crisis that engulfed his family when his severely depressed mother attempted suicide. After studying music at Oxford University, he began collaborating with German contemporary artist Anna Salzmann, creating a series of works combining music and art under the pseudonym Garreth Brooke. We encourage you to explore his work, we are sure it will catch your attention as it did ours!


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