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PIANO PEARLS: André Goyvaerts, Francesco Taskayali, Piotr Wiese

Piano Pearls is a handpicked collection of the finest solo piano performances, which rise

above the many submissions that we get.

Irish pianist André Goyvaerts caught our attention with "Desiderium (Felted Version)".

Very good music for relaxation, solitude and peace. We all need to relax from time to time and take the pressure off our shoulders, and music is the best way to do it! Recommended to listen to:

A charming combination of cello and piano from the young Italian-Turkish composer Francesco Tascayali in his composition "La Storia di Imparato".

The composition is very majestic and graceful and gives the listener a portion of aesthetic pleasure.

A fresh single from Polish composer Piotr Wiese called "Changes - Prelude". A very colourful piano piece that you will definitely enjoy. It is an emotion that borders somewhere between despair and hope and touches the soul from the first notes. You will love the way the pauses in the composition are musically designed. Immerse yourself in its beauty.


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