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PIANO PEARLS: André Goyvaerts, Fernando Manuel, Local Color

Piano Pearls is a handpicked collection of the finest solo piano performances, which rise above the many submissions that we get.

The composition "Serein" by André Goyvaerts is a work that takes us on a journey through time, into a world of sublime ideas and beauty captured in notes. It reminds us that art can unite different eras, enriching and inspiring our souls. This is the sixth track in the album "Noctuary", which we recommend you to get acquainted with!

Fernando Manuel, a Mexican pianist and composer living in Guadalajara, presents his composition "Vals de las Dalias (Piano solo)". The virtuoso piano performance gives the piece a lively soul. Each note is imbued with tenderness and passion of the performer, who as if tells a story, paints a picture with his sounds, creating a special atmosphere and giving the listener a good portion of aesthetic pleasure. Dynamic transitions - from light pulsations to majestic thunder - create an emotional contrast and add depth to this musical odyssey.

Local Color is a collection of unique instrumental compositions designed for meditative thinking and quiet contemplation. We present to your attention his composition "Moving On". The composition is certainly worthy of attention and honour. It gives the listener an opportunity to plunge into the world of harmony and emotions, to feel the synthesis of cultural traditions and modern creativity. This is music in which times and styles intertwine, enriching our spirit and inspiring us to new reflections. The author demonstrates a high level of compositional skill and knowledge of dramaturgy. The composition is able to penetrate into the deepest depths of the soul and bring light, peace and tranquility to those dark corners.


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