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Pianessence ”Unknown”: A piano ballad in its purest form

Aren’t calm piano pieces the best? In my experience they are if the circumstances are right, and the right man is behind the piano. Pianessence is an American pianist/composer, and his recent release “Unknown” has made me sure that he is indeed the right man composing piano pieces within the right circumstances.

The song is a calm piano ballad in its purest form. It has an alluring sense of darkness to it alongside with some melancholia and thoughtfulness in the chord progressions. It’s clear that the composer is taking everything in his own pace, as he is repeatedly letting the tones ring out, unravelling the true beauty of the notes, and adding a great element of suspense to the track. All in all, this artist shows great promise and talent within the niche of piano-based music. Very pure, very independent, and very beautiful.


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