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Phoria ‘’Intro’’ - Into the Light

Here’s another piece of breathtaking music coming out of UK. It would appear that ambient and neoclassical composers have a deeper understanding of light and are capable of translating this spectral phenomena into an audible experience.

Phoria’s ‘’Intro’’ does that both musically and visually. The ambient/neoclassical symphony unfolds itself on gentle elongated piano chords, while a distant shimmering drone glimmers like a single source of light in an otherwise light-less environment. Before too long, that single glimmer invites other instruments and sounds, all reeking of goodness and life. The ever evolving glow soon becomes a beaming supernova which will fill your lungs with hope. All of the above is combined with a music video accurately representing the sonic spectrum, which so beautifully and blatantly gives birth to light.

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