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Philipp Hermann "Like the Wind in her Face": A guy, a piano, and taste and talent on a high level

What can make listening to a single piano for 3 minutes interesting? For one, the soundscape is simple, there are really not many different layers to pay attention to, and yet some composers are convincing enough to make you feel intrigued by the lift their pinkie. To me, it seems that the German pianist Philipp Hermann has proven that he is one of these composers with his recent release "Like the Wind in her Face".

A thing that got really clear to me after listening to this piece a couple of times, is that once you have an incredibly strong melodic and compositional foundation, everything else is more or less topping on the cake - and this piece indeed has a strong foundation. The Piano melodies are loaded with so much emotional potency, it makes it almost impossible for the listener not to pay attention to what the piano is saying. On top of that, there are also these subtle melodic variations going on throughout the piece that makes it even more interesting and intriguing listen to - particularly halfway through the song, where a beautiful double paced melody kicks in. And last but not least; The delivery and pure musicianship that the composer/pianist proves on this thing is just so undeniably convincing. Taking everything in his own pace, and not a single note getting missed or a single key getting pressed too hard.

Just a guy, a piano, and taste and talent on a high level. Give it a listen:


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