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Philip Danso "Dawn": in anticipation of the first rays of sun

We can't help but to get a little excited when we see submission from certain countries, Canada being one of them. There's something magical and true about the music coming out of the sober-minded part of the Northern America, both of which are richly represented in Philip Danso's neoclassical/ambient release entitled "Dawn".

Although the title may suggest that the rays of sun are already upon us, the track quite evidently begins at the last minutes of the darkness, the minute where trees turn from creeping shapes into living, life-giving creations of nature. With piano, strings and a crisp tape/vinyl effect, the music - soaked in anticipation for the sunlight - eagerly awaits. Finally, past the thickest of the fog and with a few stars still lingering in the sky, the sun rises above the horizon represented in a deep, rich bass drone - striking you gracefully with its unquestionable power and intent.

A masterful sonic painting, let it in:


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