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Peter Mowry "Waves Begin to Break" - a stunningly beautiful composition to give you chills

Self-taught guitarist, pianist, and composer based in Portland, Maine, Peter Mowry has created something special in his composition, “Waves Begin to Break”.

The composition begins eerie and unsettling yet as a mere five seconds passes, remarkable beauty emerges in a kind, youthful melody, creating a unique yet well-functioning collaboration. With whispers of uncertainty, fear, or doubt, the message of resolve and persistence is overwhelming, representing the beauty of resilience. Admirable and intentional in its build and flow, this song is picturesque, painting the image of its title throughout the song in its structure, and artistic elements. Piano-based, yet string-incorporated, this song is multicoloured and multidimensional, feeding your ears and filling your soul. Slow to its sonic crest, you can feel the build and predict its crash. The low string notes buzz in your chest, gripping yet addicting. The pace quickens and the layers of the song become more complex, widening the song’s dynamic. All throughout, this piece harbours this compelling yet soft nature through every aspect and moment of the composition. Memorable in its unique approach, this musical work of art is dusted with unsettling forethoughts that are forgotten in the caring and assuring sweet melody that is brightened by its string backdrop.

To be moved, listen to this chillingly beautiful track here:


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