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Peter Mowry "Amidst The Trees": The serenity of music.

Introducing "Amidst The Trees" by Peter Mowry, a composer from Portland, Massachusetts.

Peter Mowry has been honing his skills as a musician for over 25 years. Self-taught on guitar, piano, and composition, Peter has combined his multi-instrumental passions to create music that is currently being played around the world on radio and television (American Idol, Wanderlust, The Bachelorette, X-Factor, CBS Sports Spectacular, and the 2016 Olympics, to name a few).

"Amidst The Trees" is a work in which each note is like a jewel in the crown of nature. Its sound is full of grace, reminiscent of the dance of leaves in the wind. The serenity of this music is like the reflection of a forest pond, on the surface of which the vast light of the starry sky is reflected. The piano, played by Peter Mowry, becomes a magical instrument that reveals the stirring sounds of nature. The melodies swirl like winds in the crowns of trees, bringing with them a fragrance of freshness and mystery. This composition is an undoubted find for our playlist!

We are sure that it will win the hearts of many listeners. Spotify link:


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