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Paweł Górniak "Now I Go (Wingspan Original Video Game Soundtrack)": a soundscape of peace

Polish artist Paweł Górniak, presents “Now I Go,” an acoustic piece from the original soundtrack for Wingspan, an award-winning strategy card game about birds.

Peaceful and serene while full of beauty, this lovely track offers an ambience you could spend the whole day in. Contemplative and softly optimistic, the violin notes of the piece serenade you in acting the melody of the piece, while a guitar track holds the piece steady and carefree. Delicate piano notes trickle into the piece giving it dainty, uplifting tones while the healing nature of this piece fills your soul with contentment and warmth. This composition values those little memories and moments in time that are cherished in their simplicity of life’s every day pleasures that poke out their many faces when we take the time to look for them.

Feel the world come to a stop as you listen here:

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