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Paul Zambrano ''Sleepless'' - a picturesquely intense neoclassical endeavor

Paul Zambrano is an American composer/producer who has recently released a nerve-wrecking neoclassical symphony entitled ''Sleepless''.

Gently leading in on twinkling xylophone notes, the melody is light at heart, but with hints of eeriness, creating a sense of anticipation around its cinematic core. First joined by a gentle string section, then taken over, the melody is now carried by a throbbing army of violins and cellos, intensifying by the seconds. Like a dark thought, or a nightmare, the part feels inescapable and is best accepted than battled - which the composer does by letting the part reach levels of near-insanity. Then, past the inner storm, the music returns to its glowing xylophone, where the listener is calmed all at once and the darkness is nothing but a distant, though lasting memory.

Beautiful, intense and composed with knowledge and intent, give it a spin:


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