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Patrick Zelinski x Karl Edh "What Once Was (Solo Piano)": A composition from two composers at once.

The composition "What Once Was (Solo Piano)" belongs to two talented composers Patrick Zelinski and Karl Edh.

Patrick Zelinski works professionally in the music industry as a composer, producer, performer, sound engineer and session musician. He does not stick to traditional styles and is constantly creating new sounds, striving to create music without boundaries.

Karl Edh is a composer from Sweden. He is a film music composer and has been writing music for over 25 years. He has a master's degree in music education and plays classical guitar. Besides composing, he also teaches guitar and piano.

This is two minutes of piano bliss, woven from notes and chords created by the hands of professionals. Each piano key is so carefully worked out that it seems as if living beings are talking to each other in a musical dialogue, and gentle melodies flow smoothly into emotional climaxes, making your heart beat in unison with the music. The piano sounds very good, a lot of work has been done on the sound. More precisely, the authors made a sound that preserved the sound of the original instrument and left it alive, with all its authentic sounds and creaks. "What Once Was (Solo Piano)" is not just music, it is art that gives inspiration and allows you to experience the beauty of the world through sounds and melodies.

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